UV Water Sterilizer


6W UV Sterilizer

The ultraviolet light, which has a bactericidal power superior to chlorine and its compounds (also because highly active on viruses, spores, fungi, algae, etc.), is based on the natural disinfecting power that has in itself a fraction of the light emitted from the sun: the ultraviolet rays in the C-band (short wave UV-C: wavelength from 100 to 280 nm, where nm = the gauge that corresponds to a millionth of a millimeter).

The UV-C radiation, which present the maximum efficiency at the wavelength of 255 nm, destroy and inactivate micro-organisms (the cores of irradiated cells undergo a photolytic action that stops the process of division and multiplication).


Technical data

Steel vessel INOX AISI 304
Connections: 1/4″
Max flow: 200 lt/h
Max autonomy: 8000 h