House of water


They consist of technologically advanced structures; their heart is composed of machines which are able to supply still ambient water, cool and cool sparkling water. “Innovation of tradition”, indeed, recalls the folkloristic “springs” situated in the villages in the past. Today,
they have been improved thanks to well-advanced systems in order to offer an important service, which is necessary for the protection
of the environment but also for sending a message about water as common good.


Features of Italbedis techno-structures:

• lower realization cost than any construction solution,
• short time of realization and installation,
• structure with possibility of reposition,
• high level of aesthetic customization.

Optional. Communication about ecology and advertising

The awareness about sustainable behaviours is growing and we encourage a major use of water coming from the tap. To do this and
create a quick communication we have produced a system with our partner Valtempo®, which provides to users and citizens timings
information, kilograms of PET/CO2 spared and liters of water supplied, that is specific elements in progress connected to the ecofriendly
Two suggested products:
1. Watch Valtempo®made of steel and electronic counter of diameter 70 cm installed over water supply.
2. Totem Valtempo® made of steel and electronic counter of diameter 70 cm installed next to the house.
This totem allows a customization with logos (such as Local Government logo) and has two faces (front and back) for adverts of size
70X100 cm.